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Spa & Wellness

Let us inspire and pamper you

The use of the wellness facility is included for all hotel guests. The wellness area includes two saunas and a relaxing steam bath. Special refreshment promises the sauna bucket and whirlpool rain showers. You will find sparkling regeneration in our whirlpool, relaxation and tranquility in the Matterhorn relaxation room. In addition, we offer a variety of massages and cosmetic treatments.

Opening hours of Iremia Wellness Saunas open daily from 2pm to 7:30pm in winter and from 3pm to 7:30pm in summer. From 9 am the whirlpool and relax room can already be used.

Our wellness offer

Finnish sauna

Modern sweat room at 90 °C, humidity 10-15%. Finnish sauna strengthens your resistance, stimulates circulation and promotes purification.


Biosauna at 50°-55°C, humidity 40-60%.
The body is slowly warmed up. Your blood circulation is spared in the process.

Aroma steam bath

Aroma steam bath at 45 °C, humidity 100%.Various fragrance essences develop a vitalizing effect and increase the well-being. Aroma steam bath is perfect for skin and respiratory care.

Whirlpool 36 °C

The spa for 7 people provides tingling regeneration with countless back and foot massage jets. The view outside makes you dream wonderfully.

Foot whirlpool

Two whirlpools for foot reflexology massage provide regenerating relaxation.

Matterhorn view relaxation room

On the comfortable relaxation loungers you can enjoy the overwhelming view of the Matterhorn and experience total relaxation and inner peace.

Spa refreshment

Tea and water are available at any time and free of charge.

Bathrobes/sauna towels

Wellness bag, bathrobes and sauna towels are available during your stay.

Kaaita Slippers

Sustainability is important. We therefore ask you to bring your own slippers from home or buy the washable Kaaita slippers for CHF 12.00 on site.


Avoid waste.
The Kaaita slippers were made from plastic bottles. They offer a high-quality guest experience without compromising on sustainability – they inspire, they protect and they turn simple walking into a luxurious affair. And in the end, the slippers are never a sad pile of garbage as they can be reused or taken home.


Cosmetic studio Iremia by Claudia

Let yourself be pampered with a cosmetic treatment by Claudia. With the Jean d’Arcel care program, you will experience exceptional face and body treatments.

Facial treatments

  • Classic facial treatment for 90’/CHF 140 for him and her. Enjoy the relaxing treatment “rituel à l’orange” with ginger extract and orange fragrance. Cleansing, peeling, vapozon, massage, special mask
  • Relax facial massage for 30’/CHF 60

Yoga & Pilates

Do you feel like a yoga or Pilates class? From Monday to Thursday you have the possibility to attend yoga classes in the village. Register now on Yoga Zermatt.

Your massage offer at Hotel Hemizeus

Partial and full body massage

Partial massage 30’/CHF 75.
Full body relaxation massage 50’/CHF 130.

Massage is used to mechanically influence the skin, connective tissue and muscles through stretching, pulling and pressure stimuli. The effect of massage extends from the treated part of the body to the whole organism and includes the psyche. Let us spoil you.

Combi massage

60’/CHF 150.
The combination massage is a combination of the classic full body massage and a foot relaxation massage.

Face & neck massage

25’/CHF 75.
Relaxing face, head & neck massage.

Aroma oil massage

50’/CHF 130.00
Fragrances delight the senses and have a positive effect on body, mind and soul. Aroma oil massage involves gently massaging essential oils into the skin. Depending on the type of fragrance used, the massage has a relaxing or stimulating effect.

Honey back massage

50’/CHF 100.
Effectively purifies and detoxifies the body.

JEAN D'ARCEL Care Program

Facial treatments

  • Classic facial treatment for him and her. 90’/CHF140 . Enjoy the relaxing treatment “rituel à l’orange” with ginger extract and orange fragrance. Cleansing, peeling, vapozone, massage, special mask.

Body treatments:

  • Biomaris body scrub. 70’/CHF 130.
    followed by a face and décolleté massage


Any questions?

The most beautiful thing after an extensive day of skiing or a long hiking tour: to relax in the wellness area and to enjoy the dreamlike view of the Matterhorn in the relaxation room.

What exactly is available in the spa / wellness area?

Our spa area has two saunas, a steam bath, two foot whirlpools, a Jacuzzi and a spacious relaxation room with a view of the Matterhorn.

What are the opening hours of the spa area?

The spa area is open from 14.00-19.30. Jacuzzi and relaxation room can be used already from 09.00 am.

Are children allowed in the spa area?

Yes, children are allowed in the Jacuzzi when accompanied by their parents. From 14 years old in the sauna area.

Is the sauna area a nude zone?

Yes, the sauna area is a nude zone and can only be entered without clothing. Please observe this rule in the interest of all other guests!

Are bathrobes, sauna towels and slippers available?

  • Bathrobes and sauna towels are available during your stay.
  • Sustainability is important. We therefore ask you to bring your own slippers from home or buy the washable, sustainable Kaaita slippers on site for CHF 12.00.

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